Happy birthday mum

today is my wonderful mums birthday. To celebrate my sister an I made a cake. The decision of what to make was clearly very important and much discussion had to be had! Should it be a classic Madeira for easy decorating, or the Victoria sponge, simple yet delicious, or a Black Forest gateua for something a little different. But, as is always the way, none of the initial ideas made it. Of course after our simple but refined ideas we chose the wonderful, wacky, childish, cute rainbow cake topped with Disney decorations. Not only was this last minute decision a little ambitious as it requires 6 bakes but we also didn’t think it through being that we lacked most of the ingredients. With only 4 hours to make everything and knowing that it always twice as long as any recipe book says we cracked to it. With several malfunctions, and trips to Tesco (and a lunch that consisted of a green layer that didn’t make the cut) we finally finished. The cake was much more successful than j expected and I’m soooo happy with it. I could have done without my mum coming home while we were still decorating (it’s a wonder how, when not allowed in the kitchen, mum only seems to need the kitchen). With a hoodie cape to protect our secret project and some crafty excuses, we finally finished without mum seeing. We served it up and it turns out that six layers is probably too much for just the four of us. Basically if anyone wants cake…. We have enough to feed the third world.

Luckily my love of Disney runs in the family and mum loves it! It was a nice break from work and drawing. But back to it from tomorrow. 

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