I’ve been busy creating lots of Halloween products over the last couple of weeks and wondered if anyone actually bought t-shirts, bags, stickers, cushions etc for Halloween?! I’d appreciate if people commented if they ever have or would, it would really help. Also my design requests are open, not just for Halloween ideas (although I do welcome them too)! Please ask for a design. There is no pressure to buy and it will be in my store so if you do decide later that actually you do want to purchase it you can. Wait as long as you need. I’ll be here still 😊
Do you buy yourself treats at Halloween?!

Remember to visit my shops:
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Instagram/Pinterest/Snapee/Chictopia/Twitter username: pokegirl93
DeviantArt: spot1the2dog3
Flickr: pokegirl1993
When you visit my stores please comment to let me know how you found me. It would really help my publicising 


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