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Phone cases

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Blogging for the first time

Firstly, I think it’s clear from the title what this post is about. I am indeed a first time blogger, a blog Virgin if you will, but I endeavour to succeed in this new field.

Secondly, I think it only fair to tell you why I started a blog. It’s a story that started many years ago. Now depending how I tell the tale depends how many years that is. For this we’ll say it started in March 2013 but truly it started long before even then. For in 2013 I discovered a site, a site that would change my hobby forever.

I am an artist and an avid fan of all things geek. As a kid I was imaginative, creative and crazy. This led me to draw and paint and glue and cut and sew and whatever else I could imagine to create (what I like to think are) beautiful things (you may disagree but I hope you don’t). I was always making a mess around my house some way or another for art. And that continues today, although now my main focus is on digital art.

This brings us back to 2013. Redbubble is a site to share your art and also sell it. As a poor student I really needed the money (still do, masters don’t pay for themselves) and it was a fun way to turn my hobby into a little cash. I had tried this many times before… I’ve made puppets, phone cases, clay dragons, paintings, jewellery and more. I was beginning to lose hope that anyone bar me would like my work. But on redbubble I found like minded artists and great products. If I’d had the money I would have bought stuff the moment I joined. 

It was slow going but I have worked up my sales and I think this in part to a growing gallery and taking requests. But my biggest achievement has to be through Tumblr. If it wasn’t for the app I wouldn’t have sold nearly as much as I do. And I’m really grateful for every like, comment and reblog.

I don’t just do art for money. I do it for enjoyment and part of that enjoyment is knowing that I am appreciated and that I am not alone in my style. I love that people are willing to part with their hard earned cash for something I made. That I can give someone something they are that happy with and excited for makes me really chuffed. I want to please others (I always have, it’s why I volunteer on campus so much). Needless to say that opening my ask box to requests is a way to keep people happy, although it often leaves me sitting by an empty mailbox waiting for anyone to send a message. 

I don’t let it get me down. I want to keep creating designs that make everyone happy. But, to get the attention of as many people as possible, I need to “self promote”. A terrifying phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of many. It sounds awful going out there and selling yourself (not in the street corner sort of way…. Though it does make money). As a hermit awkward Brit I am far too introvert and polite to put myself out there. But recently I lived with some great people that helped me come out of my shell (and correct the grammar of my dissertation. They aren’t here right now so I apologise for how bad this will be written), and I decided to give it a go.

Not only did I start a blog but I have joined 5 new photo sharing apps on top of my usual social media. I hope to post links later. But for now I’ll just say “hi” to the blogosphere and leave my site and a few photos here.